Fun Fund Spotlight

Creating Opportunities for Patti Engineering to Strengthen Team Culture

At Patti Engineering it’s no secret that we work hard. On any given day our team members are working on a wide array of services and solutions, and our persistence and grit remains unmatched. But, we take great pride in the way that we “play” hard too. 

To boost employee morale, provide networking opportunities, and build team camaraderie we started what we call ‘Fun Funds’ over ten years ago. A Fun Fund is a team-building event funded by the admin team. Anyone can plan one as long as they meet the following criteria:


  1. Minimum of four Patti Engineering team members must be present.
  2. Photos must be taken! 
  3. Must be open for anyone to join.


“The Fun Funds are a great way to get our team together in a casual environment outside of work,” says Sam Hoff, CEO and Founder of Patti Engineering. “These help to foster cohesiveness amongst our team members.”

Fun fund examples

As you can see, previous Fun Funds have included movie premiers, video game nights, go-karting, laser tag, euchre nights, sushi dinners, ax throwing, sporting events, and more! Engineer Jeffrey Watts says, “One of my favorite previous Fun Funds was a prison themed escape room. I loved it because it was a fun exercise in engineers figuring things out that wasn’t necessarily engineering. We almost beat the record too, but I played around looking for hidden files a little too much.”

With up to one Fun Fund per month for each office, these team gatherings have provided hours of entertainment outside of work to build bonds and strengthen our team. Meanwhile, these team activities also foster the culture of a highly engaged engineering team that Patti Engineering strives for.

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Barb Rausch

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Human Resources Manager

Barb Rausch has been a member of the Patti Engineering team since 2016, excelling in her human resources role. With a background in mechanical engineering from Oakland University and experience in safety admin, as well as quality system management, Barb's transition to HR combines technical expertise with people skills. She has significantly contributed to employee benefits, retention strategies, and career development at Patti Engineering.