Robot basketball.

March Madness with Robot Basketball!

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Check out our engineers playing Robot Basketball. That’s a new take on a little March Madness! Our team of engineers are at the Technology Tip-Off at Ford Field in Detroit today.

So here is how it works. The robot keeps moving towards you until you make a basket, then it turns and moves toward your opponent until he makes a basket. If the robot makes it all the way to you, your opponent gets a point! The robot keeps score for you. Our engineers came up with this idea during our first ever Fedex day. Got to love those engineers, they do like to have fun!

This event show cases the latest in automation technology innovation and is hosted by Electro-Matic Products. Patti Engineering, as a certified Siemens Solution Partner, we have a booth welcoming attendees to stop by to discuss their control systems integration questions and concerns.

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