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Discussing Control System Integration at Detroit Technology Tip-Off

Resource Type: Press Releases | March 13, 2012

Auburn Hills, MI – March 13, 2012 – Patti Engineering, Inc., a leader in control systems integration, today announced they will be participating in the Technology Tip-off Event at Ford Field in Detroit on Thursday, March 15, 2012. One of the company’s senior engineers, Duane Edgar will be presenting Tips & Tricks – PLC Simulator Siemens Simatics S7PLCSIM. The event is hosted by Electro-Matic Products, a leading supplier of high technology automation components and services and frequent champion of Patti Engineering to Siemens automation users.

With the ever evolving technological innovations and requirements, the event is a great opportunity for discovering the latest in industrial automation solutions. Patti Engineering will have a booth and is welcoming attendees to stop by to discuss control systems integration questions and concerns.

Patti Engineering is presently the only Siemens Solution Partner in the State of Michigan. As a certified Siemens Solution Partner, Patti Engineering is among selected group of system integrators across the country who are highly trained experts on the wide range of Siemens industrial automation products. Patti Engineering often teams up with Electro-Matic to offer customers the complete package of products and services. Electro-Matic sells Siemens automation products and Patti Engineering is the vital asset for integrating the technology at manufacturing and distribution facilities. Patti Engineering’s knowledge and expertise is crucial to seamless project execution.

Duane Edgar, Senior Engineer at Patti Engineering, will be presenting a session on PLC Simulator SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-PLCSIM from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. The session will explore how to use PLCSim to test a PLC program and Edgar will provide valuable tips on using the tool to improve Siemens software development efficiency.

“The best feature when using a PLC Simulator is the ability to change the state of inputs easily,” said Edgar. “This applies to both discrete and analog inputs and I will be walking the audience through both in my session. I will also explore how S7-PLCSIM can reduce 20-30% of your start-up and debug time.”

To register for the Technology Tip-off, please click here.

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