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With a wide range of services and capabilities, Patti Engineering helps businesses optimize their operations and increase efficiency by implementing cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies. Our expertise in automation and robotics allows us to streamline manufacturing and production processes, while our digitalization and Industry 4.0 solutions use tools such as IoT devices, AI, simulation programs and edge/cloud computing to improve business agility and profitability.

Featured List of Services

Edge/Cloud Design

Edge/Cloud Integration

Data Analytics

Digital Twins

Vision System Integration

Robotic System Design

Robotics Integration

Legacy Control System Upgrades

Motion Control Integration

MES Integration

SCADA Integration

PLC & HMI Programming

Engineering Studies

Industrial RFID Integration

Asset Tracking

Continuous Improvement Consulting

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Additional Services

    Track and Trace
    Visual Inspection
    IT/OT Network IT/OT Network Integration
    Robotic Vision System Integration
    OEE Optimization OEE Optimization
    Industrial Network Design

    Equipment Upgrades & Additions

    Blind Audit Blind Audit
    CNC Integration
    Collaborative Robot Integration
    Robotic Safety Assessment and Design
    Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    RTLS Integration RTLS Integration
    Robotic Optimization
    Controls Hardware Design

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