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Patti Engineering uses our vast experience in our partners’ technologies and digital strategies to help facilities improve productivity, safety, and quality.


Patti Engineering is trusted by the world’s best engineers, earning top ranks and honors from Siemens, FANUC, Mitsubishi Electric, CSIA, and more.

We help manufacturers leverage Industry 4.0 technologies to take production to the next level.

We are experts in designing and integrating robotic cells to increase productivity, efficiency, safety, consistency, and quality.

We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers to streamline and optimize production processes.

We help improve visibility and traceability of materials by offering the latest asset tracking technologies.

We provide a wide range of services and capabilities related to the design, development, and implementation of automated systems and Industry 4.0 services.


What our clients are saying

Case Studies

Siemens S7-1500 and WinCC OA Solution Mitigates Risk in the Textile Industry

Recently, a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic devices had an issue with one of their production lines. An integral verification station was a general bottleneck to production and its...
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Engineering Study to Develop a Vial Dispense and Testing Solution

Patti Engineering utilizes trusted advisor status and proven expertise to research and develop a solution for an integral verification station for a medical device manufacturer.
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SCADA to Ignition Conversion to Increase Overall Efficiency

Fair Oaks Ranch hired Patti Engineering to upgrade their servers from Windows 7 to Windows 10.
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Implementing Plant Standards for a new Leak Test System

Implementing Plant Standards for a new Leak Test System

A local automotive manufacturer purchased three leak test systems from an OEM.
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Replacing Legacy Motors and Drives for a Hunziker Tumble Blaster System

Patti Engineering integrators recently completed a project to breathe new life into a system involving an older piece of...
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Employee Spotlight: Video Edition with Tomas Guillen

In our latest Employee Spotlight: Video Edition, we shine a light on Tomas Guillen, Controls Engineer at Patti Engineering....
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Engineering Strategies to Improve OEE

Improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) requires a holistic analysis of the system. Patti Engineering is often approached to address...
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Patti Engineering’s Feature in CONTROL Magazine: Advancing Edge Computing in Industrial Automation

Don’t miss the “Little Edges and Big Edges” article in CONTROL magazine’s February issue. It features Patti Engineering’s latest...
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