Employee Spotlight: Celebrating our Three Directors of Operations

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As Patti Engineering celebrates its 33rd anniversary on June 3, 2024, we are excited to spotlight our three dedicated directors of operations: John Shipley in Indianapolis, Indiana; Terrance Brinkley in Auburn Hills, Michigan; and Nick Hitchcock in Austin, Texas. We sat down with Terrance, John and Nick for a candid conversation about themselves, their roles at Patti Engineering, and a reflection on some of the unique aspects of each of their offices.

Director of Michigan Operations: Terrance Brinkley

“I’ve been a full-time employee with Patti Engineering since 2004,” Terrance Brinkley explained. “I was hired as an electrical engineer, promoted to senior electrical engineer, and then most recently to Director of Michigan Operations. I’ve been in my current role for the past three years.” 

Terrance BrinkleyBorn and raised in Pontiac, Michigan, Terrance earned dual bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering and computer engineering from Michigan State University. With nearly two decades of experience, he is highly proficient in Siemens technology, achieving global technical certification in areas such as S7 PLCs and SIMATIC HMIs.

The Michigan Office

When asked what sets the Michigan location apart beyond being Patti Engineering’s original brick-and-mortar office, Terrance highlighted the team’s automotive sector strengths and emphasized the continued strategic efforts to diversify into other areas. “We’re back in the garment industry now and we’re delving further into robotics and data analytics,” he added. 

“We have a remarkably cohesive team. I would say that extends to the other offices as well. People are always reaching out to offer assistance whenever someone needs help. It’s not uncommon for people who have never met before to encounter each other in this manner. The team has such open communication channels, as well as mutual trust and respect. Together our work is truly greater than the sum of each individual’s part.”

Terrance Outside of the Office

Family and music are significant pillars of Terrance’s life outside of work. “I’ve been married for 10 years and have a daughter who is turning nine soon,” said Terrance. “Music is a big interest of mine. I’ve taught myself piano, saxophone, and bass guitar,” said Terrance. “Funny story: I was at a concert about 15 years ago that really sparked my interest in learning to play guitar. Following that concert, I went out and bought one, tried it out and hated it! The guy at the store encouraged me to trade it for a bass guitar, and I’ve never looked back! Bass guitar has been the one ever since.”  

Director of Indiana Operations: John Shipley

John Shipley began with Patti Engineering in November 2016. “By that time my career was well underway. I brought a lot of prior experience to my Senior Electrical Engineer role with Patti Engineering,” states John.

John’s leadership strengths quickly delivered him the role of Director of Indiana Operations, in which he now manages the team, focusing on business strategy and client relations. However, John still enjoys getting occasionally involved with engineering work when it’s needed. “Half the people call me a director, half call me an engineer, and half call me a project manager. I guess that makes three halves!”

The Indiana Office

“We’re very knowledgeable in traceability and the asset tracking part of the industry. My office has strong familiarity with RFID through both Siemens and IFM,” John notes. The Indiana office has recently been involved in several innovative robotics projects. “We’ve done a number of successful robot-related projects recently that have been both challenging and rewarding to complete.”

John values the detail-oriented culture at Patti Engineering, particularly in terms of delivering high-quality documentation as well as effectively communicating with clients and partners. “Culturally, my team is very meticulous when it comes to detailed communication to our clients and our partners,” states John. “The team adheres to a simple set of well laid out expectations in regards to client communication, ensuring clarity and professionalism in all interactions.”

Director of Texas Operations: Nick Hitchcock

Nick Hitchcock began with Patti Engineering in March 2008 right after he graduated from college. In July 2010, he moved to Texas to help establish the newer Austin office. Over the years, he has taken on larger projects and more responsibilities, becoming the Director of Texas Operations in 2020.

The Texas Office

The Texas office has become specialized in handling larger, turnkey projects. Its Austin location has made it easy to take on projects locally, as well as in the Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio areas. 

Nick appreciates the collaborative and supportive culture within his team. “We’re all pretty close down here and pretty open with each other. We really pull together to get something done, filling in for each other on projects, if needed, and working as an overall team,” he said.

Nick Outside of the Office

Nick and his wife have two school-aged children that keep them both very busy. Nick enjoys helping out with coaching duties for his kids’ sports teams. ”My family is often traveling to different sports meets together, so that keeps our weekends busy,” he shares. “I recently got into welding and even built a go-kart frame for my kids,” he said. Nick also enjoys cooking and baking. Since coming to Texas, he’s taken up meat smoking, and makes great brisket and pork butts!

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