Jeff Watts

Texas native Jeff Watts has been at Patti Engineering for just over two years and is soaking up all the knowledge he can. A graduate of Texas A&M, Jeff has a degree in Multidisciplinary Engineering Technology, with a focus on Mechatronics. His favorite part about working for Patti Engineering is the variety of tasks and problem-solving, and constantly learning through doing. He has moved past the beginner stage, but is still learning a whole lot.


“Jeff has become a valuable member of our Texas team,” said Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering. “He has a track record of exceeding the expectations of Patti management as well as our valued clients.”


Jeff has already worked on several big projects during his short tenure at Patti Engineering, including working on a Mindsphere project for a brewery that actually began about a year before he started at Patti. He described it as an adventure into webapp development where he was able to come in as a fresh engineer with JavaScript/Node experience. That project took up most of his first six months at Patti until the team was able to complete the project.


Some other projects Jeff recalls working on were a Cobot project for a large, heavy equipment manufacturer, and a project at an Electronics Recycling Company. The most interesting aspect of the Cobot project was that it was a rather difficult application of vision to inspect bead in a dynamic lighting environment and then use that same vision to locate the part for the bead application. The Electronics Recycling Company project gave Jeff a chance to gain a lot of PLC and Ignition experience from many different machines.


Jeff is originally from Georgetown, where his parents still live. He has a twin sister who is in San Antonio finishing up her Masters in Occupational Therapy. Currently living in Austin, when he isn’t working, Jeff loves playing tennis, trail running after work, hiking, and camping. He says he really enjoys “standing on top of the mountains and seeing the panorama.” He is also a big fan of reading science fiction and fantasy books. Jeff also attends renaissance fairs in Texas, regularly dressing in period garments to fully enjoy the experience.