Siemens Industry is known for their highly technical, reliable products. The company has high standards for the technical expertise of its partners. Since 2005, Patti Engineering has partnered with this industry titan.

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We were the first Siemens Solution Partner in the US to expand as a Hybrid Operational Technology (OT) Partner in the new MindSphere Partner Program.

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We have several engineers who have graduated from Siemens certification classes.


Patti Engineering works closely with many different areas of Siemens technology and holds several Siemens Solution Partner certifications, including Automation, Drives, Digital Industry Software (DISW), and MindSphere.

That means our engineers pull from several areas of expertise as they design a solution for your facility. As a Solution Partner, Patti Engineering possesses comprehensive application, system, and sector knowledge for each certified field and has proven project experience. We can implement future-proof, tailor-made solutions of the highest quality based on our product and system portfolio.

As a MindSphere Gold Partner, Patti Engineering has multiple technical staff trained by Siemens through the MindSphere Technical curriculum, multiple MindSphere apps developed or being developed, and a joint go-to-market agreement to assist our clients in achieving substantial business value through IoT technology generally and MindSphere specifically.

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