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Founded in 1991, Patti Engineering, Inc. is a CSIA Certified Integrator offering high-caliber engineering and software development services. Patti Engineering is a Siemens Solution Partner, an Ignition Gold Level Certified Integrator, and a FANUC Robotics Authorized Integrator. In addition to our partner’s technologies, Patti Engineering has experience in almost all automation, robotic, and digitalization IIoT platforms.

Patti Engineering integrates automation, robotic and digitalization technologies in world-class industrial facilities so that businesses run faster, smarter, and more reliably. From designing and building new automation systems; to upgrading and retrofitting antiquated systems; to the design and implementation of asset tracking, artificial intelligence, and industry 4.0/ IIoT. Our services include project management, electrical engineering, simulation, process improvements, software development, installation support, documentation, and training.


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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions, honest advice, and excellent engineering to enable our clients to increase their profit through productivity, efficiency, and quality improvement.


  • We have a rewarding work environment stressing autonomy, mastery, and purpose to retain our most talented engineers while attracting the best talent.
  • We strive to be a team of the highest caliber of intellectual and ethical individuals.
  • We continually nurture and grow our relationships with like-minded end users of our automation systems by serving as a trusted advisor.
  • We aim to be a profitable company to stay healthy and grow.

The Value We Bring to Our Customers

Expertise in our partners’ technologies

We take our partnerships and our engineering talent development seriously. By partnering with industry-leading industrial automation and robotic manufacturers, we aim to provide the best quality, service, and technology to our clients.

Our engineers regularly complete rigorous training and certifications offered by our partners to ensure we bring the most innovative solutions to our clients.

Researching and Executing In-Depth Solutions

Known for our extensive background in automation rather than expertise in an individual industry, Patti Engineering executes in-depth solutions. This gives us a unique advantage in flexibility as we look at projects purely from an automation standpoint, as we are not tied to industry norms.

From tight deadlines and minimizing downtime to incorporating digitalization and future planning, we have the conversations to fully understand all of our client’s goals. Our staff of highly trained engineers and professional engineers work to design solutions that will make our clients successful.

Being a Trusted Advisor

Patti Engineering has several clients that we have worked with for the last twenty years or more. We pride ourselves on serving our customers with honest conversations, sincere suggestions, and continuous communication to help them make informed decisions.

Not all ideas are the right investment and we work with our customers to find the best solution to meet their needs. We ensure that the overall benefits and ROI are worth it to each customer in the long run.

CSIA Certified

In 2021, Patti Engineering successfully renewed its Control Systems Integrators Association (CSIA) Certification for the seventh consecutive time, which is valid for three years. Known as the gold-seal mark of a professionally managed control system integration business, Patti Engineering’s audit score exceeded the benchmark for top CSIA integrators.

CSIA Certified control system integrators are financially healthy companies capable of completing projects in a professional and technically sound manner. The comprehensive CSIA Certification ultimately provides benefits to end-users of automation technology by ensuring a high level of quality, performance and long-term support.

Our Process

At Patti Engineering we are proud of the extensive project process we have developed. From start to finish, we have the tools and systems in place to provide the best solution, while closely following the CSIA best practices and standards.

  • Needs Assessment

    The needs assessment is used to better understand you, your needs, your pain-points, your requirements, and your budget. Depending on the project, this can take place over the phone or with in-person walkthroughs.

  • Project Plan

    Our engineers will develop a project plan for a solution tailored to your project goals. Oftentimes, we will request documentation such as copies of prints or programming code to accurately determine the scope of work for the proposal.

  • Project Kick-Off

    Once everyone agrees to the proposal, and we receive a purchase order, we begin our project kick-off process. This in-depth meeting is used to outline the specifics of the project, including team members and responsibilities.

  • Functional Specification

    For many of our projects, we create a functional specification to clearly define all of the work to be performed during the project. It is reviewed and signed by all parties before work begins to ensure that all stakeholders understand the details of the project deliverables.

  • Mid-Project Review

    Halfway through the scope of the project, we lead a mid-project review meeting to evaluate the current progress and discuss any new opportunities or challenges that have emerged. This is an invaluable checkpoint to ensure your needs are being met.

  • Acceptance Test

    Transparency with our clients and high quality solutions are of the utmost importance. This is why we perform Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) and Site Acceptance Tests (SATs) whenever possible.

  • Project Close-Out

    At the end of all projects, we go through a project close-out process. We check to ensure that all project objectives have been met and that all files, procedures, and documents have been returned to you.

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