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More than just PLCs and HMIs, our engineers work directly with you to develop solutions that solve your challenges, enhance efficiency and quality, and increase productivity with affirmative results and undisputed ROI.

Integrating with Purpose

The goal of every project we complete is to help our clients overcome difficulties and enhance performance, whether to eliminate obsolete equipment, add functionality, or to reduce downtime, cycle time, or cost.

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Industrial Automation Control and Information System Integration

From manufacturing to warehousing and distribution, the number of industrial automation and robotic systems available to streamline operations has grown at a rapid pace to today’s industry 4.0 environment. In the global race to gain a competitive edge, proper integration of the various control and communication systems from end-to-end of the plant floor and ideally to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is key to reaping the best ROI on the assets and technology you have invested in. It is also key to laying the groundwork an/or advancing your digitalization strategy.

Patti Engineering helps clients with system integration to optimize production at all stages of automation and digitalization adoption. Some of the leading global manufacturers we work with are highly automated and well on their way to leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with the integration of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) for cloud and edge computing. Others are focused on increasing throughput and production efficiency by migrating legacy control systems and identifying automation opportunities for improvement.

Our Foundation

Patti Engineering specializes in custom automation. Our engineers are experts in legacy control system upgrades, turnkey solutions, CNC programming and integration, controls hardware design, and more. As a seven time CSIA Certified integrator, we deliver creative, high-quality solutions using cost-effective, safe technology that fits our client’s needs. Many solutions are unique to that client, and in addition to our partnerships, we work with a wide range of equipment and software brands. Industry norms do not confine us. We take our domain expertise across various industries and apply them to find the best solution for every client.

What if you have a problem but no solution?

Sometimes, our clients know there is an issue with their system but need help finding a solution. This is why we offer detailed engineering studies where the end goal is to help you know your system and find a solution that works.

“When I think of Patti Engineering, I think of great domain expertise, great knowledge. We really appreciate having them as a complementary partner.”

– Raj Batra, President, Siemens USA, Digital Factory

How do we ensure successful projects?

With over 30 years of experience, Patti Engineering thrives on project execution. The keys to our success stem from our extensive project management plans.

Project Kick-Off

Transparency and communication are vital to a project’s success, so we start each project with a client kick-off meeting. The priorities, roles, and objectives are defined up front to align everyone on the same page. We gather all of the relevant materials from our clients, including current program archives, electrical and mechanical prints, and CAD models. For larger projects, we take the notes from meeting and develop a functional specification that everyone reviews and signs.

This communication continues throughout the project as we understand the importance of frequent updates. We meet with our clients regularly throughout the project’s duration to ensure that deadlines and expectations are understood and met across the board.

Commissioning: In-Office and Onsite

We go to great lengths to minimize downtime our clients experience when installing new hardware or software, and complete as much debugging and commissioning as possible at our site before installation.

We can meet tight installation deadlines because we utilize tools like factory acceptance test (FATs), virtual commissioning, and other digitalization measures. These steps help us to mimic the real-world, physical installation and evaluate the hardware and software upfront for any issues.

Project Close-out

Our projects normally continue after onsite commissioning. We know the importance of transferring knowledge and understand that there is often a learning curve with new equipment. We offer production support to bridge the gap, train staff, and meet production goals.

The longevity of knowledge is just as important to us as it is to our clients. We update existing prints and drawings and will provide our clients with owner’s manuals and documented procedures.

After a project has been completed and the client has signed off on all work, we hold an internal close-out meeting, where we analyze the project as a whole, share key takeaways with the entire team, and review the project completion surveys from our clients. Patti Engineering learns from every project in order to move forward with confidence and produce solutions that advance the industry.

Our Areas of Expertise

Our clients are unique and the equipment that they work with is no different.

Automation Controllers

  • Applications controlled by PLC, IPC, CNC, HMI, and SCADA
  • Internal protocol standards IEC 61131-3
  • Programming languages including ladder diagram (LD), function block diagram (FBD), structured text (ST), instruction list (IL), and sequential function chart (SFC)

Industrial Networking

  • Network and security design across firewalls, controllers, and switches
  • Redundancy to ensure network communications stay active during device or connection failure
  • Network communications, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, industrial Ethernet, Ethernet IP, and IO-Link


Asset Tracking and Tracing

  • Lot tracking and tracing through UHF and HF RFID devices
  • Siemens RTLS and Patti Engineering ProxM8 for real-time locating systems
  • Integration into data collection systems like MES and ERP


  • Location, inspection, verification, and optical character recognition (OCR) applications
  • Complex solutions requiring smart cameras and AI deep learning
  • Some of the popular vision systems include Cognex/DVT, Keyence, and Zebra/Matrox

Servos & Drives

  • Motor control using VFDs and servo drives
  • Solutions involving AC and DC motors
  • Speed-, torque-, and acceleration-controlled applications


  • Data analytics through both edge and cloud computing
  • Virtual commissioning through digital twins using Process Simulate, Plant Simulation, and NX
  • Trusted advisor throughout the digitalization journey

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