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Tips and Tricks for Programming Wonderware SCADA System Soft...

Blog Post by Quincy Washington

Patti Engineering works with the world’s leading suppliers of robust and powerful industrial automation SCADA

Tips for Learning New PLC Software

Blog post by Daniel Miller

As system integrators, there are multiple times when you will be tasked to learn

Five Reasons to Upgrade to Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLC



Sticking with a legacy system means taking a gamble that you can still rely on your system, its

Five Reasons to Upgrade to Siemens SIMATIC S7 PLC
An End Users Perspective on Choosing the Right Control Syste...

Penny wise, dollar foolish? Many of us remember this saying, perhaps as part of a lesson our parents taught

Patti Engineering Completes Infrastructure Automation Projec...

Patti Engineering releases details on completed water and wastewater infrastructure automation project for the city of Fair Oaks Ranch,

Oetiker S5 to S7 PLC Upgrade

Oetiker, a global leader in automotive and industrial clamping and connection solutions, had equipment running on Siemens S5 PLCs,

The Father of the PLC – Dick Morley

A legend in his own time – this article on Dick Morley appeared in our October Patti Perspective Newsletter

Converting Obsolete Siemens S5 PLCs to Siemens S7

Converting Obsolete Siemens S5 PLCs to Siemens S7 – As a certified Siemens Solution Partner, we often act as

Patti Engineering Hired to Convert Obsolete Siemens S5 PLCs ...

Patti Engineering, a certified Siemens Solution Partner, is pleased to be providing engineering

DCS vs. PLC: Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7

With the advancement of the microprocessor and automation technology, the lines have blurred between the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)