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Amid Strong Growth in Robotic Systems, Patti Engineering Bec...

With strong growth in 2022 for the company’s robot systems, Patti Engineering announces the company has become an exclusive

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Tips and Tricks for Programming Wonderware SCADA System Soft...

Blog Post by Quincy Washington

Patti Engineering works with the world’s leading suppliers of robust and powerful industrial automation SCADA

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Tips for Learning New PLC Software

Blog post by Daniel Miller

As system integrators, there are multiple times when you will be tasked to learn

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New Technology: Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500S Software Controller

Blog post by Nick Hitchcock, Senior Electrical Engineer

Released earlier this year, Siemens’ new S7-1500S Software Controller is a

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Remote I/O: What and Why

Blog post by Marc Bourque, Electrical Engineer
What is Remote I/O?
Remote I/O is the ability to control inputs and outputs

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Mitigating the Challenges of Working on Production Equipment

Blog post by our Auburn Hills engineers

Does the idea of working on your production equipment send a million-dollar-a-minute shiver

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O-O Approach For Industrial Automation Software Development

Blog post by Shahrokh Yousefi, Controls Engineer, Patti Engineering Texas Office

The Object-Oriented (O-O) approach to programming has long proven

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An End Users Perspective on Choosing the Right Control Syste...

Penny wise, dollar foolish? Many of us remember this saying, perhaps as part of a lesson our parents taught

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An Engineer’s Debugging Tip – No Packet Sniffing Hardwar...

Blog post by Steve Palmgren, Vice President Texas Operations, Patti Engineering

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March Madness Anyone

Do any of these topics sound interesting to you?

What’s New from Siemens – Automation Innovations
New Modular Micro PLC-

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