What is RTLS?

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Note: In March 2018, Siemens acquired the leader in RTLS technology, Agilion. 

Have you ever spent hours searching your facility for a special piece of tooling that you know is in the plant somewhere? Or have you ever thought about increasing traffic flow efficiency inside your factory, but couldn’t track how it currently moves? Siemens SIMATIC RTLS is the solution you’re looking for to increase traceability at any facility; indoors or outdoors.

How does RTLS work?

Siemens SIMATIC Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) is a solution from Siemens that enables the real time asset tracking with accuracy within inches and at rates of below one second. The technology works similar to GPS location tracking that we use every day in our cell phones and vehicles. Transponder tags attach to the assets that are to be tracked. Gateways and anchors are installed throughout the desired tracking area. As the asset and tag moves through the tracking area, the gateways and anchors detect the distance to the tag, then the system automatically compiles the information to pinpoint the current location of the asset.

RTLS Applications

This technology can be applied to almost any situation to improve transparency. Tags can be applied to raw materials, finished goods, containers, tooling fixtures, vehicles, or AGVs. There are even hard hats created with transponder tags inside them that can enable tracking personnel inside your facility. These can be used to verify that employees are staying clear of dangerous areas or that everyone is in a safe location in case of an emergency. Siemens RTLS is flexible and can be configured with a wide range of transponders, gateways, and anchors. Siemens RTLS can help to make sure your facility is a part of the current Industry 4.0 revolution.

Is RTLS the right technology for your application?

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