Senior Engineer Ryan Goad has successfully completed the Inductive Automation Gold Level Certification test for Ignition Software version 8.0, a powerful web-based industrial software platform for SCADA, MES & IIoT applications.

Auburn Hills, MI and Austin, TX – September 3, 2020  – Patti Engineering, Inc., a leading control system integration company based in Auburn Hills, MI with offices in Texas and Indiana, today announced Senior Engineer Ryan Goad has achieved Gold Level Certification for Ignition 8.0 in the Inductive University program by Inductive Automation.

“We are excited to expand the skillset of our engineering team to include Inductive Automation’s highest level of certification,” said Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering.  “Ignition is a powerful web-based tool to help our clients accurately monitor their manufacturing processes.”

Ignition by Inductive Automation is a scalable, data-centric industrial software platform linking manufacturing execution systems (MES), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) manufacturing and process automation equipment.

Goad achieved the Gold Level certification through a two-step program, first by successfully passing the Ignition Core Certification Test, then by passing the Gold Certification Test, showing the highest level of proficiency with the software suite.  The Gold Certification Test is updated each time a new version of Ignition is released and ensures that engineers are proficient in the most current technology, currently Ignition 8.0.

About Patti Engineering, Inc. 
Patti Engineering, Inc. is a CSIA-certified control systems integration company offering high-caliber engineering and software development services. Patti Engineering’s technical expertise in electrical control and information systems provides turnkey control systems integration for design/build, upgrade/retrofit and asset/energy management projects. Industrial automation, production intelligence, and shop floor IT solutions services include: project management, electrical engineering, hardware design, hardware procurement, software development, installation, calibration, start-up testing, verification, documentation, training, and warranty support. Customer satisfaction and project success earned the company placement in Control Engineering Magazine’s Hall of Fame. For more information, visit the company’s website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.