Enhancing Industrial Automation: How Patti Engineering Utilizes IIoT and SCADA Software to Boost Manufacturing Efficiency

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Patti Engineering uses Siemens Industrial Edge, Ignition and other technology platforms to help manufacturers harness data collection to remove bottlenecks and optimize throughput, quality, and processes. Patti Engineering was recently featured in an article by Control Global focusing on the successful implementation of IIoT and Ignition Edge web-based SCADA software to optimize data gathering and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), throughput, and quality for their clients in the automotive manufacturing sector.

Industrial Edge web-based SCADA software

As technology today continues to grow and advance, automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have become crucial in streamlining industrial processes and boosting productivity. The true potential of IIoT, however, lies not in replacing human labor but in harnessing human ingenuity to solve complex problems and add value. In a recent Control Global article titled “Want more effective IIoT and automation? Collaborate with people,” Patti Engineering demonstrates how they have been utilizing IIoT and Industrial Edge web-based SCADA software to optimize data gathering and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), throughput, and quality for their clients in the automotive manufacturing sector.

Sam Hoff, President and CEO of Patti Engineering, emphasizes that IIoT has matured significantly and is now moving from early adopters to mainstream use. While IIoT involves connecting devices to the internet, its true potential goes beyond basic connectivity. Hoff shares an example of the Detroit Police Department’s real-time crime-prevention center, where data from 850 local businesses’ video cameras and license plate readers is collected and analyzed by data scientists to combat crime. This application highlights the power of data-driven decision-making and how similar approaches can be implemented in manufacturing to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Optimizing Manufacturing Data Collection

Patti Engineering adopts a collaborative approach to optimize data gathering for their automotive manufacturing clients. They regularly meet with clients to assess processes and identify evolving data sources from various systems like vision systems and PLC programs. Strategically turning data sources on and off ensures that relevant data is collected without overwhelming the system with unnecessary information. Additionally, they have developed Edge web-based SCADA applications to address intermittent errors from PLCs and mechanical devices more efficiently. This application automatically analyzes and collects data to provide alerts and their origins. This helps to identify root causes with minimal manual labor, leading to prompt issue diagnosis and rectification, improving overall system performance.

How can digital twins optimize operations?

The Patti Engineering team also showcases the use of digital twins to optimize operations. In a real-life example involving a complex powertrain line, they created digital twins of CNC machines and robots to run “what-if” scenarios. This data-driven approach improved productivity, and saved time and resources. Hoff advises potential IIoT users to start by identifying the most significant pain points in their processes and facilities, focusing on solving specific challenges to guide them towards the most suitable IIoT solutions.

Collaboration is key to IIoT and digitalization success

As IIoT continues to shape the future of industrial automation, collaboration emerges as a crucial ingredient for success. Patti Engineering’s proactive approach to data gathering, implementation of digital twins, and a consultative mindset exemplify the benefits of collaborative efforts in achieving more effective IIoT and automation solutions. Read the full article by Control Global here to discover how Patti Engineering’s collaborative approach is transforming the industrial landscape and unlocking the true potential of IIoT.

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