Dan Sula: Senior Robotics Engineer

Resource Type: Newsletters | April 5, 2022

Patti Engineering would like to recognize Dan Sula as an outstanding employee. In only one short year with Patti Engineering, Dan Sula has already established himself as a vital member of our growing team. As a Senior Robotics Engineer, he has relied on his up-to-date knowledge of A3 robotics standards, leading edge digital technologies, and vast experience to contribute to the design on several successful projects.

Dan’s responsibilities vary as a Senior Robotics Engineer, but typically he is leading robotic automation system projects including feasibility and engineering studies, process simulations, and robotic simulations ensuring that customers’ process, quality, and cycle time requirements are being met. He also works with material handling and assembly applications for both automotive and non-automotive customers. Dan manages both pre-sales engineering as well as post-sales project execution, and continually works to develop robotics expertise within the Patti Engineering organization.

“Dan has helped grow the expertise within our organization and it is an honor to work with him on a daily basis” said Sam Hoff, President of Patti Engineering.

Originally hailing from the Chicago area, Dan currently resides in Beverly Hills, Michigan with his wife of 30 years, LaVern, and their fur-baby, a 10-year-old Labradoodle named Henry. Family is very important to Dan, which is evident from the care both he and his wife provide to their mothers, who also reside at their Beverly Hills home. A graduate of Purdue University, Dan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering. He went on to achieve a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan, completing his thesis in adaptive controls.

In his free time, Dan and his wife enjoy playing golf, billiards, and traveling. Dan recounted that he “finally broke 80 last year after over 30 years of golf.” He jokes that he and his wife, LaVern have played mediocre golf at some of the most spectacular courses in the world including Pebble Beach, where although he didn’t have a great score (97), he did birdie the 18th hole. Dan is also musically inclined, and mentioned that he loves to play guitar.

The definition of “team culture” is “a shared passion for achieving a fixed outcome.” Most companies will agree that customer satisfaction is important, but here at Patti Engineering it’s the core of how we do business. When employers support and value their team members, that mentality carries through all the facets of the business, ultimately resulting in happier, and well cared for clients. Dan appreciates being a part of such a great team, and feels valued by Patti Engineering. When asked what he enjoys the most about being part of the team, Dan replied, “Patti Engineering cares about our employees, and our customers. I trust my team, and it feels like our customers do too.”

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Barb Rausch has been a member of the Patti Engineering team since 2016, excelling in her human resources role. With a background in mechanical engineering from Oakland University and experience in safety admin, as well as quality system management, Barb's transition to HR combines technical expertise with people skills. She has significantly contributed to employee benefits, retention strategies, and career development at Patti Engineering.