Spotlight: Our Kettering University Students

Resource Type: Newsletters | September 29, 2022

Meet Sammy Hoff

Sammy Hoff, a Sophomore at Kettering University, is the son of Patti Engineering’s CEO & Founder Sam Hoff and CFO Patti Hoff. He followed in his father’s footsteps and chose to attend the university due to its well-known Co-Op program.

Sammy is pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree with aspirations of fulfilling his dream of working as a Crew Chief in NASCAR. He anticipates that studying mechanical engineering will give him the best understanding of structures and vehicles. Sammy is currently on his third work term with General Motors and plans to continue to work for GM in either performance vehicles or racing, and eventually work his way into NASCAR.

“Kettering is a beast, but it gives you the best opportunity at success if you can tame it,” says Sammy. “I have always been fascinated with cars and want to be able to pursue my dream of working in racing.” 

Originally from Clarkston, Michigan, cars take up tons of Sammy’s time, whether driving or working on his car, but he also enjoys sports and running his own iRacing league. At Kettering, he plays various intramural sports, including softball and football.



Meet Zach Jowski

Zach Jowski, a Junior at Kettering University, is the son of Patti Engineering’s Senior Electrical Engineer John Jowski and was on the Spring 2022 Dean’s List. He also selected the university because of their notorious Co-Op program and the scholarship program.

Zach is an Electrical Engineering major and is originally from Goodrich, Michigan. He chose this major after participating in FIRST Robotics in middle and high school when he found that he enjoyed working with controls and making things work. Zach found his internship opportunity through his sister at Leidos Engineering in Walled Lake. With all of the experience learned inside and outside of the classroom, Zach is holding off on deciding his post-graduation plans until senior year.

When not busy attending classes or working in the field during his work term, Zach enjoys woodworking, video games, and staying involved with FIRST Robotics Team #494 Goodrich Martians and Team #70 Goodrich More Martians. He was previously an avid participant in Boy Scouts and received his Eagle Scout Award.

“Kettering is a lot of work, but I like all challenges. Through hard work and perseverance, you’ll get it done and have some fun along the way,” says Zach.

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Barb Rausch

Barb Rausch's Bio

Human Resources Manager

Barb Rausch has been a member of the Patti Engineering team since 2016, excelling in her human resources role. With a background in mechanical engineering from Oakland University and experience in safety admin, as well as quality system management, Barb's transition to HR combines technical expertise with people skills. She has significantly contributed to employee benefits, retention strategies, and career development at Patti Engineering.