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Patti Engineering CEO Sam Hoff and SWS Consulting President Scott Steele co-authored an article featured in Packaging Technology Today’s May 2024 issue. Together, they discuss the key technology advancements that are allowing robotics to solve complex manufacturing problems.

Check out the feature article in the May 2024 issue of Packaging Technology Today, titled, “Non-Traditional Uses for Robotics in Packaging.” Co-authored by Patti Engineering CEO Sam Hoff and SWS Consulting President Scott Steele, the article outlines four key technologies that are opening the door to solving complex manufacturing problems with robotics and automation.

“Some advancements in technology that are currently being used to creatively solve manufacturing problems include collaborative robots, safety scanners, vision systems and large-scale data collection,” notes Hoff. “Robotic implementation, programming and maintenance have become much simpler in recent years.”

Considering ongoing labor shortages and the rising costs associated with manufacturing, packaging technology industry veteran Scott Steele readily recognizes the large number of potential use-cases for robotics solutions within the packaging industry. “Robotics and automation technologies have advanced tremendously in recent years. It is worth doing the math to measure the return on investment for a robotic solution,” states Steele.

The article focuses on the key technologies used in a recent project completed by Patti Engineering to automate a container inspection cell operating in a hazardous environment. The task involved removing high-temperature sample containers from a conveyor for quality inspection elsewhere. Using a collaborative robot equipped with various sensing technologies, Patti Engineering developed an automated solution that could safely and efficiently perform the task.

The solution included a trigger sensor for precise part identification on the incoming conveyor. An encoder provided position information used in a line-tracking algorithm by the cobot to select the target part for removal from the conveyor. The cobot then used its vision capabilities for part placement elsewhere. Two safety scanners acting as virtual fences guarded the area to ensure human safety. This solution removed a worker from a hazardous environment while delivering consistent part samples to the inspection station, resulting in a safer work environment and superior quality control.

Patti Engineering uses its extensive robotics expertise to deliver creative solutions addressing non-standard automation challenges. As a FANUC Exclusive Authorized System Integrator, Patti Engineering has the knowledge and expertise to solve broad ranging challenges associated with manufacturing ensuring operational excellence.

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