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Are You Ready for the Future of Your Production Line?

It may seem like a lifetime ago that we watched VHS tapes or were excited about the option to

Abby Engle: Kettering University Co-op

Patti Engineering would like to recognize Abby Engle for her dedication and hard work as the A-Section Co-op. Abby

Case Study: Large Engine Plant

A large engine plant was preparing an existing assembly line to manufacture a new model of engine. This

Siemens Solution Partner Patti Engineering to Present Digita...

Patti Engineering’s CEO Sam Hoff will review practical applications for digitalization in manufacturing during his presentation “Digitalization: A Practical

Should You Use Digital Twins?

Practical Application of Digital Twin Technology
You may have heard about digital twins and wondered if they could be useful

Dan Sula: Senior Robotics Engineer

Patti Engineering would like to recognize Dan Sula as an outstanding employee. In only one short year with Patti

Patti Engineering Hires Jeff Johnston as Business Developmen...

Jeff Johnston brings nearly two decades of sales experience to the Patti Engineering team as Business Development Manager to

Uncaging Your Industrial Robots

You probably already know that traditional industrial robots can be used in places that are too dirty, dangerous, or

How to Kick Start Your Digital Projects in 2022 with Plant S...

In the December issue of Plant Services magazine, CEO Sam Hoff spoke with the Big Picture Interview.  They discussed

Kettering University Honors Sam Hoff

Last week, Kettering University honored Sam Hoff with its Alumni Service Award at its Evening of Distinction and

Control System Integrator Patti Engineering Achieves 7th Con...

Known as the gold seal of a professionally managed control system integration business, the Control System Integrators Association’s landmark

Dan Ragozzino: 2021 Engineering Leader Under 40

Congratulations to Dan Ragozzino, who was recently chosen for Control Engineering magazine and CFE media’s 2021 Engineering Leaders Under