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Fun Fuels Us Across the Finish Line

Resource Type: Newsletters | September 17, 2012

Patti Engineering takes great pride in fielding the highest quality engineering team for our customers. We hire only the very best candidates who will complement our exceptional culture and company work ethic. In order to retain our ‘A-Player’ engineers and administrative staff, we know that work has to be more than just work!

At Patti Engineering, we work hard and we play hard. We expect a lot from our employees – they are dedicated and the reason our company is so successful. In an attempt to ensure they are having fun at work, we have an established ‘Fun Fund’ – just one of the ways we give back to them for all that they give to us. It is an opportunity to have fun together and get to know our fellow employees in a non-work environment.

Our employees actually come up with the ideas for these events and take turns organizing. Some of our fun adventures have included: a white water rafting and zip line trip, pool and darts night, poker night, whirly ball, the shooting range, water sports at the lake, and playing basketball at the Detroit Athletic Club.

In addition to the Fun Fund, we have a few race car drivers here at Patti Engineering. Business Development Director, Rick Schoonover and our Vice President of Engineering, Dave Foster, co-own the Patti Engineering #13 Mazda RX7 race car. Proudly displaying the logos on our partners, Siemens and Mitsubishi, Rick and Dave have been tearing up the track at the Waterford Hills Raceway and other tracks on the local SCCA Club racing circuit.

Rick’s mindset for racing is that it really relates to life in general. It’s amazing to him “how many situations in high speed racing are similar to business, personal life, and just plain living. I guess the faster you live, the more these relate. Racing is a team sport and reference to the team is always useful in business.”

At Patti Engineering, we encourage out-of-the box thinking, which our employees clearly excel at. We appreciate the fun all of our employees bring to our culture! We want to be a fun place to work, and our ‘Fun Fund’ and racing adventures ensure that we thank our diligent employees for their contributions to our success.

Whether working on a Patti Engineering project, or having fun with our coworkers, we like a good challenge. Here is a racing quote which is a philosophy we subscribe to as a team:

“Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s the determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.” – Mario Andretti

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Samuel M. Hoff, Chief Executive Officer, started the company from his home in 1991. Since then he’s expanded his business to more than 35 college-degreed engineers. Patti Engineering has engineering offices in Auburn Hills, MI, Austin, TX, and Indianapolis, IN.