Robotic Safety Assessment & Design


Robotic Safety Assessment and Design

Patti Engineering recognizes the critical importance of safety in industrial automation. Our Robotic Safety Assessment and Design service is dedicated to providing that safety in all of our clients’ robotic applications, adhering to standards and guidelines set by organizations like the A3 Association for Advancing Automation.

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Comprehensive Robotic Safety Evaluations

Our service encompasses several key areas:

  • Comprehensive Safety Evaluations: We conduct detailed assessments of existing robotic systems to identify potential hazards and areas for safety improvement.
  • Custom Safety Solutions: Based on a task based safety risk assessment, we design and implement custom safety measures tailored to each client’s specific requirements.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Our solutions adhere to industry safety standards and regulations, including those advocated by the A3 Association for Advancing Automation, ensuring compliance and minimizing liability.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance Benefits

Robotic Safety Assessment and Design with Patti offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced safety for workers in environments with robotic systems.
  • Compliance with safety regulations, including A3 guidelines, reducing risks of liabilities.
  • Increased reliability and trust in robotic operations due to improved safety measures.

Strategic Approach to Robotic Safety

Our approach to robotic safety begins with a thorough evaluation of your existing systems, identifying tasks that must be performed in both normal operation and in maintenance operations, potential safety risks that might occur and designing effective safety tips to mitigate the risks. Our expertise in robotics and adherence to A3 safety standards means we provide solutions that are not only compliant but also optimize the functionality of your robotic systems.

Integrating Safety with Robotic Operations

Robotic Safety Assessment and Design works well with other elements of your robotics operations, such as Control Systems Integration and Robotics Optimization. Together, these services create a full-system robotics solution for any industrial operation, with safety at the forefront.

Factory worker in safety uniform controlling operation of industrial robotic arm in production department.

Industry-Wide Safety Solutions

We ensure that our safety solutions are applicable across a broad range of robotic systems, meeting the highest industry safety standards and best practices, including those established by the A3 Association for Advancing Automation.

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Enhancing Safety with Patti Engineering

Contact us today to learn how Patti Engineering’s innovative solutions can enhance the safety of your robotic systems, in line with A3 standards and best practices.

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