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Celebrating Our 20 Year Anniversary

Resource Type: Press Releases | June 3, 2011

Patti Engineering, Inc. – a control systems integration company based in Auburn Hills, MI with offices in Massachusetts and Texas – celebrates its twenty year anniversary today. Founded on June 3, 1991, Patti Engineering was supposed to be a temporary solution to finding a permanent engineering job for Sam Hoff, Founder and President of Patti Engineering.  At the time, Sam was just three weeks away from marrying Patti, the company’s name sake.

Patti Engineering has evolved from one man and his laptop to become a thriving business with an international scope serving as a trusted advisor to clients, providing electrical control system design, hardware, software, and installation for various automation projects at manufacturing plants and distribution centers.  Fanuc Robotics was Patti Engineering’s first client and is still today an important Patti Engineering client.

Sam Hoff
Sam Hoff

Don Kijek, Staff Engineer at Fanuc Robotics was responsible for hiring Sam for his first Patti Engineering contract job at Fanuc, a contract job that was supposed to be for just three months.  “I knew from the first job I hired Sam for that Patti Engineering would be a successful company”, said Don Kijek. “His passion, integrity and unwavering commitment to understanding his customers wants and needs assured his success.”

Patti Engineering is a CSIA Certified Integrator and a recognized partner to many automation technology companies, including being a named Siemens Solution Partner and Authorized Mitsubishi Systems Integrator. In addition to Sam, the Patti Engineering team is led by key executives Dave Foster, Vice President of Engineering who joined Patti Engineering in 1995 and Ken Kutchek, Vice President of Operations, who joined Patti Engineering in 1997. Patti Engineering stands at 35 employees and is growing despite the downturn in the economy by adapting to client needs.

Dave Foster
Dave Foster

Control system technology has advanced substantially in the last few years. With the current economic climate, one example of how Patti Engineering has adapted to clients financial constraints is by offering controls upgrades instead of total system replacement.  This allows facilities to maintain the best parts of their current system while gaining the benefits of more modern technology. It creates a best of both worlds scenario by allowing older equipment to run like the newer models, increasing productivity and extending the life of current equipment.

“Celebrating our 20-year anniversary is a great honor.  I strongly believe that our ability to remain successful through the on-going evolution in the automation industry along with major economic irregularity is a direct result of our most valuable assets: our talented employees, our business partners and our clients who drive and inspire our accomplishments,” said Sam Hoff.  “We thank all of our clients, business partners and Patti Engineering team members for helping us achieve this milestone.”

Ken Kutchek
Ken Kutchek

Sam added a final comment, jokingly referring to his humble beginnings, “I guess I won’t need to find that permanent job after all!”

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