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InEnTec Green Project

Resource Type: Press Releases | February 5, 2009

We’ve been awarded new business from Midland Chemical and Washington-based InEnTec Chemical LLC to manage and integrate the environmental control and reporting systems that transform hazardous waste into valuable bi-products.

Their systems will control the conversion of chlorosilane to pure hydrochloric acid and glass – both which can be sold commercially. Typically, the chlorosilane would be considered hazardous waste, incinerated and sent to a landfill.

“Our engineers had the knowledge and experience with both the process control hardware and software applications necessary to bring this project to a timely and successful completion,” say Ken Kutchek, Patti Engineering’s Vice President of Operations. “Again, Patti Engineering is showing how we can take the perceived difficult tasks and project concerns of our customers and create a highly-integrated process solution.”

The project is scheduled to be completed in August 2009.

Patti Engineering’s technical expertise in both electrical control and information systems allows customers a focused solution to their need for asset/energy management, distribution of various products, production informaton, and complex control applications. Founded in 1991, our solutions are used for retail distribution, manufacturing plants, water/theme parks, libraries, law enforcement, military, municipalities, food industry, ice arenas and college/universities.

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