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Patti Engineering and LEID Products Obtain Licensing On Biometrics

Resource Type: Press Releases | April 15, 2010

Patti Engineering, Inc. and Law Enforcement Intelligent Devices, LLC (known as LEID Products) both have come to an agreement with Typhoon Industries regarding the patent infringement lawsuit relating to U.S. Patent Nos. 6,806,807 and 7,113,071.

“With the agreement, Patti Engineering and LEID Products are licensing the patent technology from Typhoon Industries for use in its Biometric Access Control System (BACS™),” says Sam Hoff, owner and president, Patti Engineering and president, LEID Products. “It’s been a relief to settle and remove any possible negative connotations brought about by the lawsuit.”

Jordan Cayne, owner, Typhoon Industries says, “We are happy to license the patents and are pleased to have reached an amicable agreement with Patti Engineering and LEID Products.”

The agreement was finalized last month.

LEID Products, LLC was originally founded to assist police departments in securing their assets (guns, weapons and radios) through an electronic tracking and fingerprinting system. LEID’s products since have been utilized to track many other type of business assets such as radios at amusement parks; books, tapes and magazines within a library system; and even the securing of business documents to selected personnel. For more information and to see on-line demonstrations of our products, log on to

Patti Engineering’s technical expertise in both electrical control and information systems allows customers a focused solution to their need for asset/energy management, distribution of various products, production information, and complex control applications. Founded in 1991, our solutions are used for retail distribution, manufacturing plants, water/theme parks, libraries, law enforcement, military, municipalities, food industry, ice arenas and college/universities. and find us on, Facebook and Linked In.

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