Patti Engineering Named Approved Siemens Solution Partner for Industrial Strength Networks and Industrial Identification Modules

Resource Type: Press Releases | November 30, 2016

Expert in RFID technology, Patti Engineering becomes one of only two U.S. Solution Partners for new Siemens Technology Modules: Industrial Strength Networks and Industrial Identification

 Auburn Hills, MI November 30, 2016 – Patti Engineering, Inc., a leading control system integration company based in Auburn Hills, MI with offices in Texas and Indiana, today announced the company has been named an approved Siemens Solution Partner for two of the newest Technology Modules in the Siemens Totally Integrated Automation program. Patti Engineering is one of just two Siemens Solution Partners in the U.S. to achieve certification for the new Industrial Strength Networks and Industrial Identification modules.

“In this age of digitalization, customers in the manufacturing environment are looking for ways to future-proof their business. We have always trusted Patti Engineering to provide a high level of technical proficiency and industry know-how,” says Siemens Business Segment Manager of Communication, Identification & Power Supplies, Jeremy Bryant. “Patti has applied its creativity time and again with our broad portfolio to address the most challenging of industrial applications. Now as one of the pioneer Solution Partners for Industrial Strength Networks and Industrial Identification, we can be confident that our customers will continue to receive great domain expertise.”

Patti Engineering has been a Siemens Solution Partner since 2009, and is a preferred Siemens Solution Partner in Automation (PLC/HMI) and Drives (VFD/Servo). In 2015, the company was asked by Siemens to pilot a new program within Siemens as a certified RFID Solution Partner. With many years of working with RFID technology, the new certification is a perfect fit for Patti Engineering.

The Siemens Industrial Identification Module focuses on RFID and Code Reading systems (CRS) applications such as track and trace, production control, asset tracking, and supply-chain management.  Certified Solution Partners have a proven history of successful implementations of the technology and must maintain the qualification standards.

“Patti Engineering has been successfully designing and installing short-range high-frequency RFID manufacturing systems for over 15 years.  These systems are commonly used for tracking parts in manufacturing, but the biggest limitation with this technology is the very short range of the signal,” said Sam Hoff, founder and president of Patti Engineering.  “We are excited to be working with the Siemens ultra-high-frequency RFID technology, which expands the range of potential solutions we can provide to our customers.”

Siemens ultra-high-frequency (UHF) RFID systems provide a level of robustness and reliability to make an entire production and supply chain visible.  Material flows are constantly monitored, which allows more efficient planning and process control.  UHF systems have a much greater range, high read speeds and allow bulk reading of parts. Customers will instantly know which parts are in the read range of each reader in their factory and when it arrived there.

Patti Engineering’s experience in Ethernet Infrastructure and Enterprise System Networking Technology (IT) allowed the company to become one of the first Siemens Solution Partners certified for the Industrial Strength Networks Module because of their demonstrated proficiency with Industrial Networking, Wireless Devices and other peripheral products.

Siemens seeks to partner with qualified firms to deliver high-quality engineering and consulting services which integrate Siemens automation, drive and power products.  The program identifies qualified system integrators and offers resources to develop their technological proficiency with Siemens products.


About Patti Engineering, Inc. 
Patti Engineering, Inc. is a CSIA Certified control systems integration company offering high-caliber engineering and software development services. Patti Engineering’s technical expertise in electrical control and information systems provides turnkey control systems integration for design/build, upgrade/retrofit and asset/energy management projects. Industrial automation, production intelligence and shop floor IT solutions services include: project management, electrical engineering, hardware design, hardware procurement, software development, installation, calibration, start-up testing, verification, documentation, training and warranty support. Customer satisfaction and project success earned the company placement in the Control Engineering Magazine’s Hall of Fame. For more information, visit

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