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Engineer Recognized for Visual Basic, .NET & SQL Server Application Dev

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We are very excited to congratulate one of our Senior Engineers, Ed Maurer, for being part of a team nominated for an internal merit award at Johnson Controls, Inc. JCI is a great long-time great customer of Patti Engineering. The award Ed has been nominated for recognizes his work on the development of a new application using Visual Basic.NET and SQL Server that took place at JCI over the past year. The Merit Award for Quality recognizes outstanding work to protect JCI customers from IT system interruptions.

The team implemented a JIT plant Emergency Backup System (EBS) involving a detailed “work around” process supported by a lightweight, standalone broadcast order processing application. The project began in early 2011 and since has been installed in 16 North American JIT plants. By having a backup system and manual build procedures JCI is greatly reducing IT risk to customer delivery and internal production downtime.

Again, we congratulate Ed for his work with JCI and are proud that he has been honored with a nomination for their Merit Award for Quality.

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