ICONICS Energy, Sustainability & Cyber-Security Solutions

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Russ Agrusa, President & CEO of ICONICS, was interviewed at the ARC 2012 World Industry Forum by Craig Resnick of ARC Advisory Group. In the interview, Russ discusses ICONICS’ vision on innovations, importance of R&D, energy & sustainability solutions, new analytics products and cyber-security.

Patti Engineering has extensive control systems integration experience implementing the ICONICS suite of products . ICONICS has continued to develop and refine their product offerings to meet today’s energy, sustainability and regulatory requirements.

Cyber-security is a hot topic today with attacks on SCADA and HMI systems. ICONICS has also addressed these concerns meeting the highest standards required by the US government where they have been involved in numerous projects for the most secure locations including the Pentagon.

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Samuel M. Hoff, Chief Executive Officer, started the company from his home in 1991. Since then he’s expanded his business to more than 35 college-degreed engineers. Patti Engineering has engineering offices in Auburn Hills, MI, Austin, TX, and Indianapolis, IN.