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Utilizing Engineering Studies to Deliver Crucial Insights and Find Solutions for Manufacturers Across the Country

Sometimes a client needs a solution to a problem, but does not know what or how to go about developing one. Patti Engineering offers engineering studies as a service to work as an ally and expand our clients’ engineering team, while developing a favorable solution. 


To us at Patti Engineering, an engineering study is a deep dive into how a process or system works on behalf of our client. Clients often know there is an issue, slow cycle times, low throughput, excess waste, or high running cost, but do not have the correct resources to find a solution. Patti Engineering uses our team’s collective expert knowledge, and agnostic background in an engineering study to deliver guidance on developing a solution, not implementing it. The goal is knowledge and usually concludes with documentation towards the next step, including a Request for Quote (RFQ), a proposal, or Bill of Materials (BOM).


What does the client do?

While client involvement is crucial throughout the entire process to ensure the success of the project, the majority of the client’s work is at the beginning. The client provides all the background information on the system, its components, and the processes that are currently in place. The more resources, the better: any previous knowledge, prints, code, domain experts, or resources the client has should be shared with Patti Engineering. This process is very client driven – attending meetings and providing input along the way  is imperative to the success of this engineering study!


What does Patti Engineering do?

Once Patti Engineering has all of the background information, our highly-skilled team of engineers begin to develop a plan. By asking questions up front, Patti Engineering can understand the key features that need to be included in any solution and know which areas to focus on when observing the system. The team meets regularly with the client to review the latest details uncovered and make any adjustments to the solution request list. As the project progresses, Patti Engineering narrows down the possibilities to deliver the most optimal solution(s) for the client’s needs. 


What is the result?

Since the end goal is not a fully functioning system, engineering studies typically end with a close out meeting. The culmination of an engineering study is simply a review of the results requested by the client during the initial stages of the project. Patti Engineering presents the suggested solution(s), all final documentation, and the overall findings from the project. 


Read an example of a recent engineering study! 

Have any questions? Or wonder if an engineering study by Patti Engineering can generate a solution to your biggest pain point? Contact Patti Engineering today!

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Director of Operations, Indiana

John Shipley has been with Patti Engineering since 2016 and is the Senior Electrical Engineer and Director of Indiana Operations. With over 25 years of experience in controls and industrial automation in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Machine Tool, Material Handling, and Steel industries, he is an expert in his craft.