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Asset Lifecycle Management on the Rise for Manufacturers

MADISON, WI—Those who oversee production facilities are increasingly turning to control system integrators for help with asset lifecycle management (ALM), which helps manufacturers optimize the performance of their facilities and prioritize capital improvement projects over the long run.

According to Bob Lowe, executive director of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), more plant managers, operations engineers and others involved in manufacturing decisions are carefully evaluating the lifecycle of their assets. “Gone are the days in which a manufacturer waited for something to wear out before replacing it,” he explains. “Today’s production facilities have to operate at peak efficiency at all times, and this requires the use of modern or updated equipment, processes and systems.

“Of course, hardware and software have to be integrated in a smart way in order to meet the economic, environmental and safety requirements of today’s marketplace,” he continues. “That’s why more industry clients are looking to CSIA members for control and information system expertise.”

Through ALM techniques, Lowe says that CSIA members and CSIA Certified members help industry clients:

  • Minimize events that reduce the effectiveness or capacity of equipment
  • Track output in production
  • Monitor particular assets to create preventive maintenance schedules
  • Determine when and how equipment and systems should be upgraded

“Owners and operators of manufacturing facilities are looking to improve productivity and address compliance concerns,” Lowe concludes. “Because CSIA members work in so many manufacturing environments, and because they are intimately aware of today’s technology alternatives, they are uniquely positioned to advise clients on ALM issues.”

From gathering data on the plant floor to installing equipment for energy reduction, CSIA members are implementing successful ALM strategies in many industries. To learn more about control system integration, or to find a qualified control system integrator, visit www.controlsys.org.

Patti Engineering is a CSIA Certified Control System Integrator, here we are sharing the CSIA’s recent news. See the original CSiA article here.

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