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BACS™ Receiving Rave Reviews from Police Chiefs

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The newly-trademarked and patent-pending Biometric Access Control System™ (BACS) is receiving rave reviews from police chiefs throughout the country.

The BACS secures, tracks (via RFID chip) and provides full accountability for critical assets. Asset reports can also be obtained by using network-enabled administrative functions. The equipment and/or weapons are marked with an RFID chip linked to the kiosk. The user logs into the BACS application to access equipment by placing their finger on the biometric reader for verification. Then the user selects the authorized equipment and/or weapon listed on the touch screen.

Law enforcement departments are utilizing the system to allow for full accountability of their armory and a credible history report that links officers to their assigned equipment.  Other industries utilizing BACS in conjunction with a locker system developed by LEID, LLC ( are library systems, laundry services, military facilities, universities/colleges, amusement parks, software developers and corporations for the securing of classified documents.

Chief Nicholas Kaiser of Troy, NY says, “Don’t wait until a weapon ends up missing and you are on the hook, do something about it now!”  While Chief John DiVerene of Bristol, CT said, “I would certainly recommend this product to any department that is currently using a paper log to report or track assets.”

Patti Engineering’s technical expertise in both electrical control and information systems allows customers a focused solution to their need for asset/energy management, distribution of various products, production information, and complex control applications. Founded in 1991, our solutions are used for retail distribution, manufacturing plants, water/theme parks, libraries, law enforcement, military, municipalities, food industry, ice arenas and college/universities. or its sister company

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