Common Considerations Integrating Robotics in Manufacturing

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Have you ever wondered how the addition of a robot to your manufacturing flow might help address your current production issues? 

Are you unsure of how, and where to start researching the topic? 

This eBook is geared towards you – an individual with little to no experience in robotics integration, seeking ways to improve your process flow. 

It is a beginner’s guide, aiming to answer common questions that often come up for those new to using robots in manufacturing. It provides the necessary background information on the following:

  • Become familiar with the types of robots available
  • Learn about their suitability for use in wide ranging manufacturing environments
  • How to calculate Return on Investment (ROI)
  • How to set up, program, and maintain a robot

The questions and answers are provided by experienced robotics integrators with many years of practical knowledge in the field.

Read through the eBook to get situated on the topic!

TABLE OF CONTENTS – Common Considerations Integrating Robotics in Manufacturing

  • Introduction 
  • Background Information
  • How are Robotics Used in Manufacturing Today?
  • Common Robotic Terms 
  • Two Major Types of Robots – Industrial and Collaborative
  • What is an Industrial Robot
  • What is a Collaborative Robot (Cobot)
  • Essential Considerations When Implementing a Robotic Solution 
  • Designing the Right System
  • Return on Investment and Financing
  • Robot Maintenance
  • Robot Support and Training
  •  Programming and Simulation Tools
  • System Safety
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John Shipley's Bio

Director of Operations, Indiana

John Shipley has been with Patti Engineering since 2016 and is the Senior Electrical Engineer and Director of Indiana Operations. With over 25 years of experience in controls and industrial automation in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Machine Tool, Material Handling, and Steel industries, he is an expert in his craft.