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Nikhil Niphadkar has excelled in various roles during his nine-year tenure at Patti Engineering, demonstrating technical prowess and dedication to delivering outstanding results, while also enjoying a collaborative work environment and pursuing personal interests in sports and family life.

Patti Engineering would like to recognize Nikhil Niphadkar for his commitment to client satisfaction and significant contributions to our project successes. Nikhil is a Sr. Controls Engineer II at Patti Engineering, a position he has held since his promotion in January 2023.

“Nikhil is the ultimate professional and a very valuable member of our engineering team,” said Patti Engineering CEO, Sam Hoff. “Beyond his excellent engineering and interpersonal skills, his innate client focused approach to solving engineering challenges helps us meet and exceed client project expectations.”

Throughout his nine-year tenure at Patti Engineering, Nikhil has undertaken various roles and responsibilities, showcasing his versatility and expertise in the field. He initially joined as a controls engineer and steadily climbed the ranks, receiving multiple promotions along the way. From his early days in controls engineering to his current role, Nikhil has consistently demonstrated his technical prowess and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

As a Sr. Controls Engineer II, Nikhil handles a wide range of projects and initiatives. His major responsibilities include application engineering, where he develops proposals tailored to customer needs and presents them effectively. Nikhil also provides valuable sales support by identifying potential opportunities and establishing relationships with current and potential clients and his project management skills have proven invaluable to the company, as he assists in overseeing projects at a high level. Furthermore, he takes on the role of lead engineer, guiding projects and supervising the engineering efforts of multiple team members.

“I cherish the collaborative work environment at Patti Engineering and the novelty of each project I undertake,” says Niphadkar. “I truly appreciate the unity within the team and their willingness to support one another, particularly in challenging situations.”

Originally from Pune, India, Nikhil currently resides in Austin, Texas, with his wife Shraddha, their daughter Sahana, and their vigilant guard dog, Veeru, who ensures safety from Amazon and UPS drivers, mailmen, etc. He is a dedicated family man who enjoys being a father to his young daughter and supporting his wife’s career as a psychologist. Outside of work, Nikhil has a passion for trying out different sports and adventure activities, regularly engaging in Ultimate Frisbee and takes great pride in maintaining his lawn and garden work.

With his extensive experience, technical expertise, and dedication to excellence, Nikhil Niphadkar continues to contribute significantly to Patti Engineering’s success. His commitment to delivering exceptional results, paired with his collaborative nature, makes him an invaluable member of the team.

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