Employee Spotlight: Video Edition with Dan Sula

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In our first Employee Spotlight: Video Edition, Senior Robotics Engineer Dan Sula speaks with Georgia Whalen from Rivergate Marketing about his specialization in advanced robot application solutions for automation at Patti Engineering. In the video, we chat about Dan’s professional experience and dive into a little about what he enjoys outside of work.

“Dan is a great contributor to our team,” said Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering, “His ability to design unique and dynamic solutions using robotics has allowed our clients to greatly improve their manufacturing efficiency.” 

Dan’s passion for transforming manufacturing operations through robotic automation began in his early career years. His background includes robotic engineering and management roles at notable companies such as FANUC, ABB Robotics, Acme Manufacturing, and General Motors (GM). 

At Patti Engineering, Dan leads engineering feasibility studies and collaborates on state-of-the-art technology projects, where his extensive robotics experience guides the creation of highly innovative solutions. His role involves the structuring and development of robotics applications, all the while adhering to industry-leading standards. In addition, as a mentor to younger engineers, Dan Sula contributes to the professional growth of his colleagues.      

Outside of work, Dan plays the guitar, loves fast cars, golf, and cooking. Originally from Chicago, he grew up an avid sports fan of the Cubs and Bears but has since adopted the Detroit Lions as his favorite football team. Dan and his wife are devoted caregivers for both of their mothers who live with them. Recently, they rescued a puppy named Max, a mix of golden retriever and German Shepherd. It’s a busy household!               

Dan is an integral part of the Patti Engineering team, driving excellence in automation solutions, and we are lucky to have him!

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