In Memory of Dick Morley

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It is with deep sadness that we learned Dick Morley passed away in New Hampshire Tuesday evening.

Dick was best known as the inventor of the PLC, but he was also known to many in our community as a mentor.  Sam Hoff, our CEO, and Georgia Whalen, Director of Marketing, visited with Dick three years ago;  you can read the stories he shared here: The Father of the PLC: Dick Morley.

Sam reflected this week, “Dick was an optimist, innovator, and a visionary. Every time I met Dick it was a memorable experience and he gave me several nuggets to use in both business and life. He and his wife Shirley were very giving as they took in many, many foster kids over the years. He is now reunited with the love of his life. In conclusion, the best thing to say about Dick is “Life Well Lived.”

A fund has been set up to provide a memorial and a scholarship in his honor.  If you wish to make a contribution, you can visit the GoFundMe page here.

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