Precision in Integration: Patti Engineering Again Claims Position on System Integrator Giants List

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Patti Engineering again secures a position on the System Integrator Giants list by Control Engineering, underscoring the company’s commitment to sustained excellence in system integration. Their submission for the annual System Integrator Giants special edition, “Robotic Cell Alleviates Labor Shortages for Tier 1 Automotive Supplier,” highlights an example of the proficiency and dedication that has led to Patti Engineering’s success.

Operating in a range of industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, aerospace, and more, Patti Engineering is again included in the System Integrator Giants list presented by Control Engineering. Patti Engineering’s client-centric approach and leading-edge technologies, highlighted in their featured submission, has driven 37% revenue growth since 2022. 

Feature: Robotic Cell Solution

​​The featured project, “Robotic Cell Alleviates Labor Shortages for Tier 1 Automotive Supplier,”  tackles challenges faced in hiring and retaining employees to replace retiring operators. A comprehensive robotic solution was implemented by Patti Engineering to automate repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and increase throughput in their facility. The project aimed to eliminate the need for manual tasks at three machine stations, ultimately resulting in a 33% increase in throughput and improved overall efficiency.

The automated solution combined a press station, a weld station, and a laser station into a single robotic cell. Two FANUC robots were utilized, programmed to handle eight models of parts with various variations. The first robot used 3D vision to pick parts from bins, while the second robot managed the first two stations using 2D vision. Safety features, including fencing and a control panel, were added to ensure a safe and flexible design adaptable for manual operation.

The implementation led to enhanced workplace safety, minimized errors, and real-time visibility into station status through an HMI panel. The project’s success helps set the tone for future plant-wide automation projects, demonstrating the potential for significant improvements and efficiencies across the manufacturing facility. The client’s plant management is considering expanding automation use to other labor-intensive processes, indicating the broader impact and potential for similar automated solutions in different areas of the plant.

Insights from PE

Securing a position on the 2024 System Integrator Giants list is not only a byproduct of Patti Engineering’s 37% revenue growth in the last year, but it also highlights their client-focused strategy and operational insights. As Sam Hoff, CEO of Patti Engineering notes, a focus on end-user clients, coupled with strategic investments in automation, controls, and MES systems underpins Patti’s commitment to becoming trusted advisors and enhancing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Their knowledge spans a spectrum of technologies, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), programmable logic controllers (PLCs), digital twins, MES/SCADA, vision systems, and more.

“I attribute our placement on the System Integrator Giants list to the collective experience and dedication of the Patti Engineering team,” said Sam Hoff. “This achievement reflects the professionalism that defines our approach and underscores the significance it holds for our entire team.”

Sam Hoff also pointed out the importance of Patti Engineering’s affiliation with CSIA, the Control System Integrators Association, a partnership that has proven instrumental in their growth. “CSIA provides ground for learning and implementing best practices, ensuring that Patti Engineering’s team is equipped with the latest industry standards and methodologies,” notes Hoff. “CSIA enables us to consistently measure and refine our procedures, solidifying our reputation as leaders in system integration.”

Future Plans and Commitment

Looking ahead, Patti Engineering is focused on strategic growth with the recent announcement of an Arduino partnership and a targeted emphasis on robotics, with a robotics eBook coming soon. A notable effort includes extending the application of robotics into industries traditionally less exposed to such technologies. Emphasizing the integration of edge/cloud capabilities, Patti Engineering leverages data derived from the plant floor, offering insights for enhanced decision-making. Innovative tools, such as digital twinning and simulation, will play a pivotal role in addressing longstanding challenges with forward-thinking solutions. 

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