Senior Controls Engineer II, Nikhil Niphadkar, Promoted to Team Lead at Patti Engineering

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We are excited to highlight the well-deserved promotion of Nikhil Niphadkar to the position of Team Lead in our Austin, Texas office. Previously a Senior Controls Engineer at Patti Engineering, Nikhil has consistently demonstrated his technical proficiency and commitment to our organization. In his new role as Team Lead, he will assume responsibility for a substantial portion of our engineering team in Texas, further contributing to our company’s growth and success.

“Nikhil is a very valuable member of the Patti Team,” stated Patti Engineering CEO, Sam Hoff. “In his nine years with us, his calm, friendly approach and superior engineering skills have lead him to be very respected by the Patti team and our clients”

Nikhil Niphadkar’s promotion to Team Lead comes as a result of his contribution to the growth of sales and the subsequent expansion of our Texas office. Nikhil’s dedication and success in leading projects have been key factors in his selection for this role. His engineering expertise and organizational skills make him an ideal candidate to mentor and lead the team, providing valuable growth opportunities for both himself and the company. Nikhil’s promotion will contribute to an enhanced level of direct mentorship and support for our engineering staff, ultimately resulting in the delivery of better-executed projects for our customers.

“With my experience in mentoring new engineers, this new role feels like a natural progression from project lead to a broader leadership role,” says Nikhil of his recent promotion. “I’m truly thankful to the management team for placing their trust in my capabilities.”

As Team Lead, Nikhil Niphadkar will assume responsibilities aimed at ensuring the efficient operation of the junior engineering team in Texas. Nikhil will be actively participating in team members’ quarterly reviews, observing the existing team leader/operations director during this process, and establishing a leading role in conducting these reviews independently. He will have a crucial part in conducting onboarding training and ensuring team members’ ongoing training needs are met. Additionally, the Team Lead serves as the main point of contact for training, policy-related questions, and mentoring within the team and monitors team members’ utilization to proactively identify potential gaps to be communicated to the operations director.

Nikhil’s ability to seamlessly integrate technical proficiency with sales support and project management has been instrumental in client interactions. As Director of Texas Operations Nick Hithcock noted, “Nikhil has a unique talent for crafting tailored proposals that resonate with our customers and has a proven track record of nurturing long-lasting client relationships.” 

Nikhil Niphadkar’s promotion comes as a result of his consistent contributions and alignment with Patti Engineering’s core values and objectives. We have the utmost confidence in Nikhil’s ability to lead and inspire his team. Congratulations, Nikhil, on this significant achievement in your career at Patti Engineering!

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