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What We’re Thankful For

There is a lot to be thankful for – whether it the well-being of our family, friends, clients and colleagues, the success of our business year after year.

The success of our business is greatly contributed to the ability of our engineers to continue to address the needs of the automation technology market. In the spirit of the impending Thanksgiving holiday, we’d like to share a few things we are grateful for and say thanks to our community:

  1. Our Leader – Sam Hoff, our founder and president, is the man behind it all. Sure, we have the be thankful for him, considering he’s our employer and all, but we truly appreciate his guidance and leadership that makes Patti Engineering such a wonderful, fun, and stimulating company to work for.
  2. Our Partners – Siemens, Mitsubishi, Phoenix Contact, Iconics and Indusoft: thank you for your support. Without your innovative technologies and services, we would not be able to do what we do. Our association with these leaders in the automation industry has greatly contributed to Patti Engineering’s success.
  3. Our Engineering Team – Our team, made up of more than 30 brilliant engineers, has proven that they can handle the most complex and difficult projects through management, creation of functional specifications, authoring user and maintenance system documentation, and providing expert witness analysis and testimony.
  4. Our Clients – Your success is our success. We like to think that our clients are always aware of just how much we enjoy assisting in electrical control and information system solutions across automation needs, asset/energy management, product distribution, production information and complex control applications. We thank you for your trust in our abilities and the opportunity to assist in your efforts to improve your efficiency and productivity.
  5. Our Sister Company – LEID Products, LLC. , the leader of electronic locker and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control. We developed its trademarked Biometric Access Control System (BACS), is a proven asset management system used in law enforcement departments throughout the country to securely store and track weapons and valuable equipment allowing for full accountability of armory assets.

With Thanksgiving upon us, this festive occasion gives us the opportunity to appreciate and express our gratitude to all those with whom we have worked together and have had a fruitful association.

It’s a pleasure to declare that the past year has been good for us, and we thank you for your unending support which has helped both of us grow. Enjoy!

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Sam Hoff's Bio


Samuel M. Hoff, Chief Executive Officer, started the company from his home in 1991. Since then he’s expanded his business to more than 35 college-degreed engineers. Patti Engineering has engineering offices in Auburn Hills, MI, Austin, TX, and Indianapolis, IN.