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What’s So Great about IO-Link?

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Blog post by Ryan Hibbert, Controls Engineer

Ryan HibbertYou may have heard about IO-Link and have wondered what it is.  We have recently been working with a new line of IO-Link devices and some ground-breaking enhancements which we will share in upcoming posts.

IO-Link is an automation technology that simplifies the integration of components.  IO-Link ports can exchange process data, service data, and events.  It is standardized communication interface for sensors and actuators.  It can be integrated into many fieldbus systems.

IO-Link was introduced to the market in 2010 and is quickly gaining market share.  All of the major OEMs now have a line of IO-Link hardware.

It’s an exciting technology because of the possibilities it offers.  You might compare it to when USB ports were introduced to the PC world.  It was a game changer – all kinds of devices could talk to each other much more easily.   In addition to easier hardware connections, there are very comprehensive diagnostics of master IOL device and point level short or open circuit detection.  Network diagnostics are also available.


We’ve been working with Mitsubishi Electric to develop a new way to make IO-Link programming even easier.  You can read about that here.

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