Will Engineers Write?

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Blog Post by Steve Palmgren, VP of Texas Operations

Marketing is necessary to any business. If you don’t ever “put yourself out there,” how will anyone know you exist?

But aside from Super Bowl commercials, who actually enjoys being on the receiving end of advertising? We are so bombarded with advertising these days that we just ignore most of it because it wastes our time.

On the flip side, how about marketing that provides useful information that is not “selling” anything? Now that is something most will “waste” their time with. Content marketing is the style of marketing that sums up this concept. Things like recipe cards in the supermarket aisles, Callaway’s YouTube channel , and free classes at your local hardware store are all examples of content marketing that add value to the customer and the company.

One of our goals at Patti Engineering is providing useful content that helps our customer base become better at what they do. The Patti Engineering blog posts are intended to provide useful engineering content relevant to the controls integration world. On top of that, our engineers are the creators of the content we share. Yes, Patti Engineers will write! Our engineers will be tackling real world topics that they have dealt with that can help everyone in our industry be better.

Look for many more blogs and other content shared by our engineers at Patti Engineering in 2016!

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Georgia Whalen's Bio

Director of Marketing

Georgia Whalen is the founder of Rivergate Marketing, Patti Engineering’s marketing partner since 2009. She is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, public relations, and account management. As the founder of Rivergate Marketing, Georgia is passionate about helping clients such as Patti Engineering build their digital presence to be found and connect with the manufacturers and industrial customers who can benefit from their services.