Breaking Down the Top Brands in Machine Vision: Matrox, Keyence, and Cognex

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In the world of automation, choosing the right machine vision system can make all the difference. With the proper framework, companies can achieve faster, more accurate quality checks, and greatly enhance the efficiency of their production lines. With broad industry experience, Patti Engineering works extensively with three of the top machine vision brands – Matrox, Keyence, and Cognex – to deliver cutting-edge solutions for a range of industrial applications. From part type identification and orientation to location verification, bead application, and quality checks, these machine vision vendors provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of their clients.  Additionally, Patti Engineering utilizes lab work to provide guidance and assess the viability of vision for a given project. In the event that vision does not meet the necessary qualifications, we offer recommendations for alternative solutions.


Recently acquired by Zebra Technologies, Matrox is a well-regarded machine vision system with a range of products designed for image processing and analysis as well as deep learning.  Matrox is mainly programmed using flowchart-style software but they also offer other applications that use text-based programming with function libraries, making them a versatile choice for companies looking for flexibility in programming. While not as widely known as other brands, Matrox offers a solid and reliable product, programmed with their Design Assistant software. Capable of direct integration with PC systems, Matrox supports imaging and video, as well as both 2D and 3D applications. Although the flowchart programming can be daunting at first glance, it becomes more intuitive once you are familiar with the concept.


Keyence has a large focus on user-friendly products with a design philosophy of matching the camera to the job. The company offers a robust catalog with readily available support for selecting the correct product. Their hardware is designed for high performance while avoiding the pitfalls of general-use products. With easy setup for typical applications, Keyence’s right-sized solutions provide great value. This brand also has a large market share, making it easier to find past applications to use as a reference. With a global presence, Keyence offers ample support in all markets where its products are available, and local staff who focus on individual products.


Last but not least on our list of recommended vision brands, Cognex is a powerful machine vision system that offers top-notch hardware and software tools. With products capable of 2D and 3D imaging capture and analysis, Cognex offers devices capable of supporting deep learning in vision systems. The suite of software tools allows for graphical or text-based programming, compatible with In-Sight, Easy Builder or Cognex Designer, making it a go-to choice for companies that require in-depth programming capabilities for their specific application. Cognex products are designed with a variety of form factors, and many are modular in design, allowing for greater adaptability across applications.


Ultimately, choosing the right vision system comes down to the specific needs of the company, the type of products being produced, and the desired level of automation. Matrox, Keyence, and Cognex all offer unique features and capabilities that can help companies enhance their production processes, making them worth considering.

Patti Engineering partners with these three top machine vision brands to deliver cutting-edge solutions for a range of industrial applications. Each brand has its strengths and unique attributes, and Patti Engineering chooses the proper tool to provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of their clients. With extensive experience and expertise in the industry, Patti Engineering is equipped to help companies select the right machine vision system to enhance their operations.


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