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Participating in EDS Michigan Regional Future City Competition

We at Patti Engineering are proud to be serving as a Special Award Sponsor for the 2011 Michigan Regional Future City Competition taking place today at The Suburban Collection in Novi, MI.

Patti Engineering has sent a team of judges to review the entries and will be awarding the “The Patti Engineering Best use of Automation Technology Award” to the school team that has earned this special award.


The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) has organized Michigan Regional Future City Competition, “Future Detroit”. The winning team will receive an all expenses-paid trip to Washington DC to compete in the finals. Future City is a team-based program where seventh and eighth grade students, a teacher and an engineer mentor work together to design a city of the future, complete with infrastructure, transportation and communication systems, power plants, industrial, commercial and residential settings.

The students use computer software to design their city, then build a scale model, write two essays and make a presentation to a panel of judges.   This year, the Essay Theme is “Providing a reliable and effective health care product that effectively improves the quality of life and comfort for a patient who is either a senior citizen or has a specific disease, or is suffering from an illness, injury or physical disability.”  The other overarching theme is “Future CityFuture Detroit.”

As students address important issues such as water, sustainability, pollution, traffic density, taxes, and budgets, they also develop problem-solving skills, learn how to conduct research, work as a team and perfect their presentation skills…all the skill they will need for life in the real world.  Students who are exposed in middle school to math, science and engineering through the Future City program are more likely to stay engaged in these fields in high school and in college. We are proud to be a part of this important program inspiring our young people to compete, collaborate and succeed!

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