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Patti Engineering to Sponsor 18th Annual Michigan Regional Future City Competition

is very excited to be supporting the Engineering Society of Detroit’s (ESD) Michigan Regional Future City Competition again this year. This is an impressive program for our youth here in Michigan. Patti Engineering is sending a team of engineers to review and judge the entries to award the “The Patti Engineering Best use of Automation Technology Award.”

The Future City Competition challenges students to design a city of the future – and have fun doing it. This program was designed to promote technological literacy and engineering to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. The program fosters an interest in math, science and engineering through hands-on, real world applications and helps students better understand the practical applications of mathematical and scientific principles.

From start to finish, volunteer engineers, scientist, teachers and parents mentor the student teams to build their city. Teamwork and creativity skills are developed as the students build computer and actual models, write essays, and prepare presentations adhering to a set of rigorous standards. The middle school students are encouraged to confront real world issues in their futuristic cities.

The Michigan Regional Future City Competition will take place January 27, 2014

Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI. The 1st place team in each region will advance to the National Finals in Washington, DC, February 15–19, 2014. In addition, teams will also have the opportunity to win a host of other special awards including the award Patti Engineering sponsors.

This year the essay topic is: Tomorrow’s Transit- Design A Way To Move People In And Around Your City.

Cities have lots of ways to get around, including buses, trains, subways, ferries, cars, bikes, escalators, and walkways. Engineers are expected to design transportation solutions which move people quickly, safely, and using the least amount of energy. Despite their best efforts, we have safety problems (crashes), air pollution, and long commutes.

The challenge: Identify a problem of moving people in your future city and design a mode of transportation to solve this problem.

Students will need to think creatively to keep people moving in their future city! To earn “The Patti Engineering Best use of Automation Technology Award,” the young aspiring engineers must show how automation technology is incorporated into their design. They also must demonstrate an understanding of energy management, automation systems, it systems and the need for control systems integration to make it all work together. The Future City Competition is an important educational tool for developing student interest in technology and engineering building a brighter future for America.

The Future City Competition is a national program sponsored each year by the National Engineers Week Committee. The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) is the coordinator for the Michigan Regional Competition. More than 1000 students are expected to participate in the regional competition this year.

We applaud the Engineering Society of Detroit’s efforts to inspire the next generation of engineers and we are looking forward to participating again this year. What a great opportunity this is for us to give back to our community in a meaningful way!

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