Celebrating Six Years in Austin, Texas

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Blog post by Steve Palmgren, VP of Texas Operations

Steve on his wayExactly 6 years ago today, I found myself trying to “help” our cats in the parking lot of a gas station at 2am on our 28-hour nonstop drive to Austin from Michigan.  We figured this would be easier to drive straight through.  However, we figured wrong with a 2-year-old and 2 cats!

It’s hard to believe that was six years ago.  Time has flown by and I’m excited where the Austin, Texas office is headed.  Six years ago, it was just me. Today we have nine team members.  We have built a great team in Austin and continue to grow.

This last year has proven to be tough for the oil and gas industry.  Our original concept of stepping out of the automotive market in Michigan and into to the oil and gas market here has not turned out the way we thought.  Not in a bad way, actually.  The downturn in the oil and gas market has helped drive money into the automotive market – thus helping our offices in Michigan and Indiana.  Our team in Austin has been instrumental in helping support that effort.  And we know the tables will tip the other way in the future, thus helping Patti Engineering continue to grow.

Thanks for all the efforts of the Texas team and I look forward to many more successful years to come!

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Nick Hitchcock's Bio

Texas Director of Operations

Hired in 2008, Nick Hitchcock has served in several engineering and management roles in the company’s Austin office. Starting out at the Michigan office, and moving to Texas in July 2010, he now serves as the Director of Texas Operations.