Getting Started With Universal Robots – Safely

Blog Post by Ian Mogab, Controls Engineer

What are UR robots?

UR robots, or universal robots, are collaborative robots, meaning that if they are configured correctly they can work alongside humans without a safety enclosure. This allows for added productivity and gives the best of both worlds: robots and humans.

Universal Robots Collaborative Robots Software

Is your company getting started with Universal Robotics?

UR is fairly new and lots of manufacturers are just getting started.  Patti Engineering has experience integrating robotics systems, and we have recently been playing around with Universal Robots at the office in our free time.  I started playing around with the UR software and found that it was very similar to other robots that I have worked with. Within a day or so I was up to speed on the software and able to make the virtual robot complete complex series of movements as well as configure the robot safety.

Universal Robots Collaborative Robots Software

Why would I hire an integrator for my robotics project?

At Patti Engineering, we have experience integrating robotics and safety systems. Robots, especially collaborative robots that work side by side with workers, can be very dangerous if not configured correctly.  We have worked with dozens of robotics projects, including FANUC, ABB, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and COMAU.  We have extensive experience with programming and integrating robots for the safest, most reliable installation.

Universal Robots Collaborative Robots Software

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