The Role of Manufacturing During COVID-19

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To our valued partners and customers,

During these unprecedented times, I’ve been thinking about our industry. While things are changing every day, it is becoming clear that manufacturing will have a major role to play in meeting immediate needs and in the rebuilding that will come after.

If there is anything we can do to support you, please reach out to us.  In a time of chaos and shock, we know that “Let me know what I can do!” is not as helpful as “Here’s what we could do; would this help?”  So here’s what we could do:

  • If you are modifying your production lines to meet critical needs such as ventilators or medical protective equipment (especially n95 masks), our team can provide programming and onsite support.
  • If you’re looking to ramp up production, we can analyze your systems with an emphasis on throughput. Our team recently increased a healthcare manufacturer’s production by 25%.
  • If social distancing requirements last as long as some of the forecasts, remote monitoring capabilities may become a critical need. We have several ways that we can install these systems, which can be up and running as soon as a week.
  • If you’ve been handed the lemons of a shutdown, we can make lemonade by completing upgrades that require downtime which can help you bounce back more quickly.

To limit our exposure, our team is:

  • Working from home when possible
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Completing onsite work in the smallest possible teams
  • Using the lowest-exposure method of travel possible
  • Meeting with customers virtually whenever possible

Of course, the situation is constantly changing and if there is any other way we can help – including brainstorming or just being a sounding board – please give us a call.

We are committed to doing our part to make sure our country comes back from this stronger than ever.

All the best,

Sam Hoff

CEO, Patti Engineering

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